EasySQL - database independent 
C/C++ SQL interface library

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What is EasySQL?

EasySQL is an easy to use and very simple library through which your application may access any SQL server transparently (like it is done by ODBC in Windows world). You are free from having to know how to interact with exact SQL database, you may change or upgrade database without recompilation of your programs and so on.

EasySQL is distributed in source form as a shareware (don't forget to read License and then register after testing).

EasySQL is an Unix-soft. It is developed under FreeBSD, ported to Linux (RedHat 4.2) and will be ported to other OSes soon (your help is very appreciated).

What is not EasySQL?

EasySQL is not a port of ODBC to Unix environment nor it is supposed to be such in the future. It is separate product with a similar underlying idea. Though it is theoretically possible to use ODBC manager on top of EasySQL or as an EasySQL driver, and I'm planing to cook such a cake with iODBC manager.

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