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In order to do anything with EasySQL you have to read and agree License. In case you are just browsing around for now, short summary of license is here:

  • author is not responsible for any possible damages or failures related to EasySQL;
  • in at most 30 days after you have started using EasySQL you have to register it;
  • you may freely download and redistribute EasySQL if it's not modified in any way.
  • if you are distributing your EasySQL based application your customers have to register EasySQL anyway; ask author about special discounts if you want to have a right to include licensed EasySQL with your application..
  • Though EasySQL is not free to use, it's freely redistributable. You may always get last version from:


    EasySQL home page - news, latest versions, documentation, support. It is recommended to use this page instead of two following links.


    Full-source distribution, primary site.


    Binary distributions, primary site.

    Not ready yet (my English is not good enough for law related documents, so I decided to ask professional -- if you can help please drop me a note)! See brief explanation above for now..

    You can register EasySQL either by paying to it's author or by contributing something into project itself (enhancements, ports to new OSes, documentation fining etc - it's up to author's decision to accept or decline your contribution, so it's preferred to ask before doing).

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