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EasySQL news and latest changes

Cosmetic changes and port to modern Linuxes.

No modifications, just ported to FreeBSD 3.0 ELF.

Now MySQl driver based on 3.21.* distribution of MySQL.

Some minor bug fixes and additions - see chapter ``Changes'' of documentation.

easysql_set_retry_delay(esqlDB db, unsigned d) call definition was missed from plain C library stubs (bug report by Dima Liadze, dima@intrans.baku.az).

This is a final 1.0 release. For more complete list of what was changed and what's supposed to be changed in 1.1 release see documentation.

Briefly speaking - msql2 driver has been added (and tested in about two weeks) and some minor bugs were fixed.

Linux (RH-Elf) binaries will be added soon.

Documentation and EasySQL homepage has been finished.

Building of tests in `ck/' directory now automatically includes only enabled drivers and uses paths defined for them (bug report by Alex Tutubalin <lexa@lexa.ru>).

This version supposed to be final alpha, and if there will be no serious flaws found it will became 1.0 release at November 1-st, 1997. According to server logs there was more, than 100 downloads in two weeks since first released version and yet there was no any serious bugs reported.

C stubs `create' and `destroy' renamed to `open' and `close' appropriately; esqlDriver type renamed to esqlDB. It's easier to understand such terminology I hope.

An option `none' added to the list of possible logging methods - realization made and documentation has been tuned.

Return type of easysql_set_log_file(..) changed from bool to int (because this function may be called from both C and C++ applications).

While porting to Linux:

New alpha version has been released. See Appendix in documentation for a list of changes.

First public alpha of EasySQL. The engine itself is finished, but site and documentation is in process of writing/building.. Any comments are welcome!

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