Ruboard - easily configurable 
interactive WWW board

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Totally new version of Ruboard is on its finish line.

Everybody interested please join in testing!

For up to date sources click on SourceForge link above or
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What is Ruboard?

Ruboard is easy to use, simple, configurable web board - a place where people can discuss things interactively usign their browsers.

Although initially based on Matthew Wright's WWWBoard, Ruboard has been completely rewritten to improve stability, configurability and ease of use.

The author of Ruboard is Andrew Maltsev, <>; copyright © 1998-1999.

Ruboard features

Most significant features of Ruboard are:


Ruboard is tested in FreeBSD and Linux, with Perl 4 and 5 (text formatter and banned words may not work correctly in non-english languages with perl4). It does not depend on anything valuable form the system, so I think it will run on most of Unix-like systems with no changes at all.

If you have any suggestions, enhancements (especially if you have added another language) please send me the patch or patched version.

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