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Advertising using Ruboard

Here is a short description of how the advertisements are organized on `Ruboard test forum' (and how can you earn money by advertising on your boards).

I'm using two banner systems - ValueClick and LinkExchange. You may use anything yu like. ValueClick pays $0.12..$0.15 per click and LinkExchange lets you advertise your products.

Assuming you are using Apache web server (as I am) here are the steps:

  1. The Value Click and LinkExchange accounts was opened;

  2. The parameter ``$adfile="ad.html";'' added to;

  3. The file ad.html created:
    <CENTER><!--#exec cmd="/www/lib/scripts/ad"--></CENTER>

  4. Nearly the same line added to the index page (and actually to almost all htmls on this site :));

  5. The following two lines added to the .htaccess file:
    Options +Includes
    AddHandler server-parsed .html
  6. The script `/www/lib/script/ad' created as follows (don't forget to change account number):
    { print <<EOT;
    <iframe src="$id/X835952/showiframe?"
    width=468 height=60 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0
    frameborder=0 scrolling=no>
    <a href="$id/X835952/clickle" target="_top"><img
    width=468 height=60 border=0 ismap alt=""
    { print <<EOT;
    <A TARGET="_top" HREF="$id"><IMG
    BORDER=0 WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 ALT="Please visit our sponsors."

  7. That's all! If you have problems placing advertisements on your forums - do not hesitate to ask me.
In some cases you may simplify the job by not using server side includes, just place the text to be included on every page (this text is usually given to you by advertisement network) into the file and reference it from $adfile parameter.

I wish you good luck and big cash!

And don't forget to register Ruboard if you've decided to place advertisements on your site!

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