Ruboard - easily configurable 
interactive WWW board

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Ruboard License

The software is free for all purposes, the license below is obsolete.

  1. Ruboard is free for noncommercial use. You may use it to create any number of forums if no profit is taken from them. The presence of advertisements or `link exchange banners' on forum is considered `commercial usage'.

  2. You have to register Ruboard for US$25 if you are using it commercially.

  3. Ruboard may be noncommercially redistributed in non modified form.

  4. If you are going to sell modified or unmodified source code of Ruboard or any derived products you have to get written permission from me. Commercial CD-ROM's, BBS'es and alikes aren't considered `commercial distribution' if no profit is taken on per-program basis.

  5. Any derived product can't have less restricted License than this one.

  6. There are no warranties of any kind. Use Ruboard on your own risk.

  7. No support is warranted. I reserve the right to ignore any questions regarding Ruboard if they has their answers in documentation, FAQs, configuration examples or source code.

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