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Ruboard news and latest changes

Please test new version snapshot or more current and less stable development board. I'm planning to release it soon as open source. Probably under GPL, probably not, but definitely as open source.

Please test and mail me you suggestions and feature requests.

More accurate index rewriting (there was a subtle chance of race condition).

Fixed bug with placing not html-escaped author/subject to the index.

Fixed bug when not active user still was able to post.

Fixed parameter names unwebification in parse_form. Small appearance changes.

No new functionality. Some minor internal changes while making FreeBSD port.

Short list of changes (see History file in distribution for more complete list):

A lot of changes -- please see History file in sources for more information.

Changes are mostly related to security - it is now possible to block/unblock IP's, control registration of users, control what is availble for users and so on.

Almost all changes from 1.0 to 1.1 were sponsored by James Garner. Thank you, James!

First version of Ruboard has been released. It's used at

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