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interactive WWW board

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Ruboard support

No support is provided for Ruboard by its author, the page below is obsolete.

You may get support for Ruboard by one of the following methods:
  1. Read installations instructions.

  2. Subscribe to `ruboard' and/or `ruboard-announce' mailing lists at XXX and ask you question there. You address will not be given or sold to the third parties and will not be used to any mail not related to ruboard. Ruboard-announce mailing list has extremely low traffic - no more, than one message per month or even less.

  3. Visit sample forums of Ruboard. They are for test postings, but there are usually someone who will help you. Especially in `secure' forum, which may be converted to support forum later.

  4. Write me a letter -- as detailed as possible. I do not promise you quick answer and registration will add priority to your letter.

If you want some new feature in Ruboard, serious customization or something like it -- you can hire me to do the job. Mail me and we will discuss details.

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