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mSQL driver supports 1.x versions of MiniSQL, lightweight SQL engine developed by David Hughes. Home page of Hughes Technologies Pty. Ltd. is at http://www.hughes.com.au/.

To have an access to modern 2.x versions of mSQL engine please use separate `msql2' driver.

Warning: It is impossible to compile both `msql' and `msql2' drivers statically into your executable. On some Os'es (FreeBSD, for example) the situation is even harder - it's impossible to use say `msql2' driver when `msql' compiled in statically because of name clashes (when OS resolves object's references not from object itself, but from executable).

MiniSQL driver supports following options:

A reference to internal mSQL database name.

A host (FQDN or IP address) on which the server resides. If not set local connection through Unix-socket is used.

A TCP port on which mSQL server accepts incoming connections. By default drivers attempts to connect to 1112 port.

A path to Unix-socket, through which communication is done if `host' option is not set. By default `/dev/msql' is used.

mSQL driver is written by Andrew Maltsev ( am@amsoft.ru).

Last modified at October 23, 1997.

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