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`Msql2' driver supports 2.x versions of MiniSQL, lightweight SQL engine developed by David Hughes. Home page of Hughes Technologies Pty. Ltd. is at http://www.hughes.com.au/.

If you want to have an access to old 1.x versions of mSQL engine please use separate `msql' driver.

Warning: It is impossible to compile both `msql' and `msql2' drivers statically into your executable. On some Os'es (FreeBSD, for example) the situation is even harder - it's impossible to use say `msql2' driver when `msql' compiled in statically because of name clashes (when OS resolves object's references not from object itself, but from executable).

Msql2 driver supports following options:

A file in which MSQL-2 configuartion is stored. Default is `/usr/local/Hughes/msql.conf'. This file may be used to alter tcp port or unix socket, used by API when connecting to server.

If configuration file found 1114 tcp port is used for net access and `/usr/local/Hughes/msql2.sock' socket for local access.

Be carefull with dynamic change of configuration file in one execution scope - easysql::reset() doesn't currently resets parameters read from configuration file to default values if alternative configuration file was used before.

A reference to internal mSQL database name.

A host (FQDN or IP address) on which the server resides. If not set local connection through Unix-socket is used.

mSQL2 driver is written by Andrew Maltsev ( am@amsoft.ru).

Last modified at October 25, 1997.

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