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Ported to FreeBSD 3.0 ELF.

`mysql' driver is now based on 3.21.26 MySQL distribution. So it's incompatible with 3.20 (and previous versions). If you need driver for MySQL 3.20.* you should do the following prior to install this new version:

After installing new version test your applications again - they should work. Now you may upgrade your MySQL to 3.21 branch (it worth upgrade, trust me) and than change `mysql-320' references in databases to `mysql' back.

Parameter `log-flush' added to configuration. If set to `yes' then every line of debug output is flushed forcedly.

Stupid mistake - in supplied configuration example names of directives were fixed (`debug-level' -> `log-level' and so on). And configuration reader now can read both names.

easysql_set_retry_delay(esqlDB db, unsigned d) call definition was missed from plain C library stubs (bug report by Dima Liadze, dima@intrans.baku.az).

No, there is no such thing as stable .0 version in universe :)

No changes to code itself, but database sample added to distribution and it's now no problem to say `make archive' when not all drivers are required.

Version 1.0alpha.9 has been promoted to 1.0 final release without any changes. Some changes for which that event was delayed are scheduled to be done in 1.1 version. Here is a short list of what I want to change (as usual any suggestions are welcome) in priority descendance order:

No more `No driver installed' errors generated when setting initial options (bug report by Dmitry Valdov, dv@kis.ru).

Some minor corrections. Msql2 driver has been added and tested.

Documentation and EasySQL homepage ( http://www.amsoft.ru/easysql/) has been finished.

Building of tests in `ck/' directory now automatically includes only enabled drivers and uses paths defined for them (bug report by Alex Tutubalin, lexa@lexa.ru).

This version supposed to be final alpha, and if there will be no serious flaws found it will became 1.0 release at November 1-st, 1997. According to server logs there were more, than 100 downloads in two weeks since first released version and yet there was no any serious bugs reported.

C stubs `create' and `destroy' renamed to `open' and `close' appropriately; esqlDriver type renamed to esqlDB. It's easier to understand such terminology I hope.

An option `none' added to the list of possible logging methods - realization made and documentation has been tuned.

Return type of easysql_set_log_file(..) changed from bool to int (because this function may be called from both C and C++ applications).

While porting to Linux:

First public release of EasySQL. Not announced.. documentation is still very incomplete, but code will not change (I hope).

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