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AM'SOFT - Andrew Maltsev Software

--- Mainstream projects

Accounting and statistic management tools for Internet service providers. Powerful, complete and easy to setup and use. Includes report generator with it's own language similar to HTML.
Easy to use ODBC-like C/C++ SQL interface library. Shareware; full sources and documentation are available for testing.
Simple, configurable web board. Replacement for WWWBoard; supports Russian and English languages.
--- Unsupported projects

4print (in source form)
Easy to use text splitter. Splits text files before printing single or double sided booklets on wide printers.
amlast (in source form)
A hacked version of BSDish `last' - more precise and suitable for automated analyzation.
CM-6470 (for DOS & Windows)
DOS and Windows driver emulating HPGL/2 industry standart plotting language on dubious "soviet" CM-6470 plotter. Tested with P-CAD, AutoCAD, Corel etc.
gcomp (in source form)
A script for automated GIF/JPG/PNG compression.
ljprint (in source form)
Printing tool for HP LaserJet's - font loading, margins, portrait/landscape, dpi settings and so on.. Can convert Cyrillic texts to proper encoding.
text2gif (in source form)
Text to GIF converter able to insert other GIFs into result. Nice to use as FAX preparer (very old and really not supported).
total (in source form)
Simple tool to calculate column's totals in text files.
--- Other resources

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